Choose the best Domain

Choosing the best  domain name that fits your Business or your needs may seem hard decision  , but there are certain important factors that should be considered in choosing the best domain name :

  • Choose the TLD ( extension ) that fits your business:

There are many extensions : .edu .org .asn .info .gov .net .biz Some of these are used for government and associations, etc, and you need only to choose the one that represents your organization or business.

  • Make sure its relative to your Trademark :

If you have a business, Organization, or even a charity online news, you need to make sure your domain match the trademark you register.

  • Avoid trademark infringement:

To do so, you need to register the domain name under your own name with all your business details :

  • Company name
  • Business name
  • Address details
  • Contact details
  • Credit card details if you choose to purchase online.
  • Keep it short

So it can be easy to remember, dictate, and do not take much space in your printings. 

  • Don’t use difficult words

If you want your domain to be easy to remember, you really do not need to use difficult words people avoid always complications so try to make it the least amount of hassle and pain.

  • Register more than one

If you want to protect your trademark, and your business you need to register as much as you can of TLDs , also if you deal worldwide you need to get different countries TLDs as well of your domain name , also this will empower your website in search engines.

Make Sure of your Domain info. : check your domain info.from one of the  publicly available sources like WHOIS


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